Wireless Monitoring

Wireless Monitoring

The Rotronic Monitoring System works with both wired and wireless possibilities. Rotronic uses today the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands 868MHz, 915MHz (end of 2017) and 2.4GHz (2018). Each ISM band has its advantages and inconveniences, Rotronic offers each customer the possibility to choose what suits them best.

  • Monitor any parameter (Rotronic products, integration of 3rd party analogue and digital devices)
  • Log between 10s and 15 minutes
  • World wide data access
  • Highest flexibility in terms of software setup
  • Cloud or server based solutions
  • FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant software

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  1. RMS-HCD-S - Humidity and Temperature Probe

    The HCD-S is a completely digital probe designed for the Rotronic Monitoring System RMS. It measures humidity and temperature and calculates the dew/frost point.

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  2. RMS-LOG-L - Data Logger - LAN Interface

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