Carbon dioxide (CO2) is measured together with temperature and relative humidity; in incubators according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in the range of 37 °C, 95...98 %RH and 5 % CO2. In addition, Rotronic offers measuring instruments for monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The RMS CO2 hardware and the monitoring software enable CO2 values to be monitored at all times, even for strictly regulated applications (according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11). Extend your monitoring system with standard Rotronic CO2 measuring instruments.

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  1. CCD-S - RMS CO2 Probe

    The Compact CO2 Probe

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  2. PCD-S - RMS Differential Pressure Probe

    The compact differential pressure probe with flow or diaphragm sensor technology Learn More
  3. RMS CCA-S-20X-SET

    The CCA-S-20X is an analog probe with NDIR technology for measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) for incubators. Developed with a pyroelectric infrared detector with dual temperature compensation and an integrated semiconductor temperature sensor to maximize accuracy and minimize drift. The signal is converted to 4...20 mA by the converter with power supply (CCA-S-20X-SET).

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