RMS Converter

Integrate third-party devices with the RMS converter

The RMS converter allows integration of digital third-party devices. The hardware collects the data of all third-party components and, if required, controls them. In this way Rotronic devices from existing networks as well as web cams or third-party devices with a public protocol can be integrated. Our customers are therefore able to implement hardware extensions easily on a project-specific basis. The only requirement is that the devices have an Ethernet interface.

Data integrity

The RMS converter stores the collected data internally so that the data is secure in the event of an interruption in communication with the database. When the network connection has been restored, the data are synchronized automatically with the database.

RMS converter as Gateway

A simple extension with a USB dongle turns the RMS converter into a wireless gateway for RMS wireless data loggers – and into a cost-effective solution for the user.

Supported protocols

  • HTTP
  • SNMP
  • M-BUS
  • Customer-specific extension

Devices already supported

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