Thanks to analog inputs, it is very easy to integrate third-party products. Third-party products with 0...1/5/10 V to 0/4...20 mA outputs can also be connected and powered without problem. The RMS/third-party measuring instruments and the monitoring software enable measured values to be monitored at all times, even for strictly regulated applications (according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11).

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  1. RMS-ADC-L-R

    Il data logger RMS-ADC-L-R dispone di due convertitori analogico-digitali integrati, ai quali si possono collegare due sensori per la misurazione analogica estremamente precisa. Il data logger salva 44.000 coppie di valori di misura, inviandole al database RMS tramite interfaccia LAN.

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