GTS-Set - Measure humidity in stacks of paper, cardboard and textiles

The GTS from ROTRONIC is a tried-and-tested instrument for measurement of equilibrium relative humidity and temperature in stacks of paper and cardboard.

Humidity measurements in stacks of paper, cardboard and textiles for paper and textile technicians and printers

• Range of application: -10…60 °C / 0…100 %rh
• Accuracy at 23°C ±5 K: 1.5 %rh, 0.3 K
• Adjusted at 23 °C and 35, 80 %rh
• Measurement range: 0…50 °C / 5…99.9 %rh

Set consists of:
GTS handheld instrument with sword probe
Calibration device: EGS
SCS calibration standard: EA50-SCS (5 ampoules, 50 %rh with SCS certificate)
Adjustment screwdriver
Carry case: AC1102

Peso 2200.0000

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