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MICHELL Optidew Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

As a member of Process Sensing Technologies (PST) we also offer products and solutions from Michell Instruments.

The Optidew is a fast-responding chilled mirror hygrometer, equally at home in both industrial humidity control and precision laboratory applications. It is available in bench top and wall mount confi gurations, and features an intuitive touch screen interface for easy local operation. Using the latest developments in chilled mirror technology, it has a response speed comparable to polymer relative humidity sensors, combined with the reliability of drift-free measurements common to all chilled mirror instruments.      

Product features

  • New chilled mirror hybrid sensor gives fast dynamic response to changes in humidity
  • Accurate to ±0.15°C dew point, ±0.1°C temperature
  • Wide measurement range from -40 to +120°C dew point
  • Choice of communication methods, including Modbus TCP over Ethernet communication for easy networking
  • Optional pressure transmitter for accurate calculation of ppmV & g/kg


  • Reference humidity instrument for climatic and environmental chambers
  • Inlet air measurement for engine testing 
  • HVAC testing
  • Environmental monitoring in clean rooms
  • Coating process monitoring – for confectionary and pharmaceuticals
  • Control of humidity for metallurgical processes

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