Flow - Measurement of air flow velocity


The quality of air in rooms is of immense importance for the well-being of the people in them and ultimately also for their efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve good air quality, ventilation and air conditioning systems must work without failure and be adjusted appropriately for the application in question.
Rotronic flow transmitters measure air velocity in order to control HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems. Handheld measuring instruments, which measure temperature, relative humidity and dew point in addition to air velocity and volumetric flow, can be used to test and evaluate the functionality of air conditioning and ventilation systems.
Air velocity is mainly measured in the HVAC systems of warehouses, production halls, museums, office buildings and libraries, but also in applications such as laminar flow cabinets, clean rooms and air consumption monitoring systems.

  1. AF1

    AF1 流速測定変換器

    空気流速測定を簡単に 更に知る
  2. AFP1 - 風速・湿度・温度 ハンディータイプ計測器

    AFP1 - 風速・湿度・温度 ハンディータイプ計測器