Handheld Instruments for temperature measurement

  1. TP22

    ThermoPalm - TP22 - ハンドヘルド温度計測器

    TP22は温度測定に最適な計測器です。交換可能なPt100プローブにより、あらゆる用途において使用できます。HVACにおける機動性を活かした検査ならびに製薬業、ビル管理システム、美術館、倉庫における不定期な検査に最適です。 更に知る
  2. TP22

    TP31-IR - Infrared Thermometer / Pyrometer - Contactless Temperature Measurement

    With the TP31-IR, surface temperatures can be determined quickly and contactless. Thanks to an adjustable emissivity level and a double laser, which serves as a target device, the surfaces of a wide range of materials can be precisely measured. 更に知る
  3. TP22

    TP31-S - Folding Thermometer - Fast And Reliable Core Temperature Measurements

    The TP31-S indicates temperatures quickly and reliably from within fluids and penetrable materials (core temperatures). The simple operation ensures an efficient measurement. 更に知る