Agricultural Technology

Humidity values in glasshouses are important indicators for good plant growth. Or to avoid plant diseases. High air humidity can stimulate the growth of harmful fungi, promote other diseases or impair the nutrient uptake of plants. The relative humidity should ideally lie in a range of 50 - 85 %RH.

The measurement and monitoring of relative humidity make it possible to control humidification and fogging systems. They come into action when the humidity is too low. If the humidity is too high, a ventilation or heating system can help. In all cases, use of these systems should be controlled optimally to keep energy costs down.

When storing fruit and vegetables, it is vital to maintain optimum storage conditions to protect against loss of moisture, prevent decay and extend the lifetime of the produce. To control the atmosphere in fruit and vegetable warehouses, relative humidity, temperature and CO2 values are monitored. At a relative humidity of above 90%, the loss in weight through drying is kept within tight confines.

The measurement and monitoring of relative humidity is just as important in feed drying and storage as it is in big-bale technology and seed storage.

Further applications

  • Environmental chambers
    The effects of simulated and accelerated environmental changes on plants are investigated in special climate chambers. Instruments to measure humidity, temperature and CO2 are used in these chambers.

  • Seed research
    One focus in seed storage and research is the measurement of water activity.


Customer applications


Important Parameters


Recommended products

  1. RMS - Rotronic Continuous Monitoring System

    High quality standards in production and storage necessitate a comprehensive monitoring system that delivers measured data reliably. The adaptive RMS Rotronic Monitoring System is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

  2. CF8-W-Disp-GH - CO2 transmitter

    Model GH (Greenhouse) is equipped with an extra dust and water filter and is suitable for adverse ambient conditions. 更に知る
  3. HP23-AW-A-SET-14

    このHygroPalm水分活性測定セットは現場測定における完璧なソリューションです。丈夫で軽量なABS素材のキャリーケースに、測定と校正のために必要なもの全てが収められています。 更に知る
  4. HP23-AW-A-SET-40

    このHygroPalm水分活性測定セットは現場測定における完璧なソリューションです。丈夫で軽量なABS素材のキャリーケースに、測定と校正のために必要なもの全てが収められています。 更に知る
  5. HygroFlex5 - HF5 HVAC変換器

    HYGROFLEX5シリーズは、湿度、温度、および露点に対応する変換器の最新機種です。この革新的製品の最大の特徴は、あらゆる空気線図の演算結果をアナログ信号として出力できる点にあります。 更に知る
  6. HygroLab C1 高性能研究用機器

    ロトロニックは最大4つまでプローブが使用可能な、高性能な研究用装置HygroLab C1を用意しています。ステーションプローブや挿入型プローブを本体に接続し、チーズ、肉、タバコ、ビルディング建材、動物の餌、医薬品、その他多数の物質について水分活性測定が可能です。 更に知る
  7. HygroPalm - HP23-AW-A ポータブル分析器

    本製品は、生産現場や保管室などあらゆる場所における水分活性測定に便利です。例として製品仕様を保証するための原材料の検査が挙げられます。 更に知る