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  1. 1.11.2017

    aw-Measurement for sensitive Seeds

    Water activity measurement plays an integral role at the Tree Seed Centre in British Columbia.

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  2. 1.10.2017

    For Better Air in Classrooms and Offices

    Do you still remember your schooldays? Following a lesson in mathematics, the air in the classroom was stale and stuffy. This problem has grown worse today as law requires many buildings to be airtight, meaning basic ventilation no longer exists. This “Meine Raumluft” an independent platform whose aim it is to improve the quality of indoor air wishes to change. In its project involving 100 Swiss classrooms the quality of room air was measured using CO2 displays from Rotronic. They enable easy and practical measurement of air quality, temperature and humidity in rooms.

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  3. 1.9.2017

    Air humidity and temperature under control

    The largest archaeological museum in Switzerland – the Laténium in Neuchâtel – stores more than half a million artefacts from the Neanderthal era to the Renaissance. The worst enemy of all these ancient relics: variations in air humidity and temperature! The museum, which is not air-conditioned, has used probes to monitor the climate on its premises since 2001. Since they were outdated, they were replaced with Rotronic probes – ultra-precise “high-tech spies” that are connected to special software to enable control of all glass cabinets, exhibition rooms and storage areas. In other words, perfectly monitored energy efficiency.

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  4. 1.7.2017

    Exhibition “Ladies Only” in Perfectly Monitored Climate

    The Hohenzollern family came to Brandenburg 600 years ago, in 1415. Twelve Prince-Electors, seven Kings and three Emperors made Prussian, German and European history for almost 500 years.

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