For a cheese to develop its desired taste, it must be stored at the right temperature and right relative air humidity over several months. Due to the high air humidity, not every sensor is suitable to regulate the climate. As a result of the high air humidity and partly high chemical exposure, it is also important for the sensors to be calibrated regularly and at working point.

Calibration of the probes is particularly important in the case of cheese stores. Temperature probes are normally calibrated at 23 °C and at a relative air humidity of 10, 35 and 80 %RH. This means the sensor is at its most accurate around this working point, indicating the temperature with an accuracy of ±0.1 °C and the relative air humidity with an accuracy of ± 0.8 %. The further away from 23 °C, the greater the deviation can be.

Some cheeses tend to emit ammonia gas during the maturation process. This can lead to increased drift in most humidity probes. Rotronic offers a clear advantage here with its thick-film sensor with high ammoniac resistance.

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