Humidity and temperature are important parameters in meteorology. Accurate weather forecasts and decisions made on the basis of them are only possible with exact measurements. Our humidity sensors have a reputation for providing precise results even in extremely demanding environments in which, for example, high humidity and low temperatures prevail.

For the challenging requirements of weather stations, we offer weather and radiation shields for sensors to protect the probes against precipitation and radiation.

We also offer sensors equipped with an automatic sensor heater to prevent condensation. In such environments conventional probes can become covered in condensation, thereby delivering falsified measured values.


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Recommended products

  1. AC1000



  2. HC2A-S3 標準気象用プローブ

    HC2A-S3は最も汎用性の高いプローブで、プローブ製品群における標準的な製品です。湿度と温度を測定し、露点/霜点の演算を行います。 更に知る
  3. HygroGen2 - HG2-S 湿度発生器

    湿度および温度測定機器を校正するための、持ち運びが容易な湿度・温度発生器(多点の校正が可能) 更に知る
  4. HygroGen2 - HG2-XL

    湿度および温度測定機器を校正するための、湿度・温度発生器(多点の校正が可能)。 更に知る
  5. HygroMet4 - HM4

    加熱式気象プローブ 更に知る
  6. RS12T / RS24T