RMS-GW-868 Gateway

The Gateway is the interface between the wireless data logger and the server software. The Gateway can manage up to 60 data loggers simultaneously, collecting all wireless-logger measurement data, and passing them on to the server software. When several Gateways are used in the same network, they are configured redundantly. If one Gateway should fail, the measurement values are automatically sent to the server software via another Gateway.


  • Connects 60 wireless data loggers simultaneously
  • 5 wireless channels for parallel and redundant operation
  • Compatible with RMS Gateway, RMS server software and RMS Cloud
  • Conforms to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP5
使用範囲 -40…70 °C / 0...100 %RH
電源 24 VDC / PoE: 802.3af-2003, Class 1
消費電流 50 mA
測定間隔 10 s to 15 min
データ収集ソフトウェア RMS-Config / RMS Server Software / RMS Cloud
ファームウェア更新 Via RMS-Config / RMS Server Software / RMS Cloud
通信インターフェース Ethernet / 868 MHz
ハウジング材質 ABS
IP保護等級 IP65
逆電圧保護 Protection diode to V +
FDA / GAMP への適合性 FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP compatible
寸法・サイズ 105 x 113 x 38 mm
重量 200 g

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