Rotronic Monitoring System


Existing hardware can be integrated into the Rotronic system and, vice versa, Rotronic hardware can be incorporated into existing software. However, since the Rotronic hardware and software are matched exactly to each other, they jointly offer the best solution to ensure real time alarms, total data integrity and no loss of data.

  1. HCD-S - Humidity and Temperature Probe

    HCD-S - Humidity and Temperature Probe

    The HCD-S is a completely digital probe designed for the Rotronic Monitoring System RMS. It measures humidity and temperature and calculates the dew/frost point.

  2. RMS-LOG - Data Logger

    RMS-LOG - Data Logger

    The flexible dataprotection component of the Rotronic Monitoring System RMS 更に知る
  3. RMS-GW-868 Gateway

    RMS-GW-868 Gateway

    Interface between wireless data loggers and software

  4. RMS-MLOG - Wireless Mini Data Logger
  5. RMS-CONVERTER - Integrate existing devices and networks into the RMS
  6. RMS-DI-L-R

    RMS-DI-L-R - Digital Input Module

    The digital input module stores all measured data on an event basis and sends it to the database via Ethernet

  7. RMS-DO-L-R

    RMS-DO-L-R - Digital Output Module

    The digital output module serves to display information, issue alarms and control events.


    RMS-D-L - RMS-DISPLAY - Freely Configurable Display

    The LAN display is a freely configurable display. As a remote display, it can be placed optimally where it suits the viewer best.