CO2 Measurement

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This series of products measures CO2 concentration and is designed for use with building automation systems to control fans and air dampers. The measurement technique is based on the principle of NDIR (Non Dispersive Infrared). All probes are pre-calibrated and have a typical lifetime of more than 15 years. Use of an automatic baseline correction means that the sensors do not require further calibration in regular indoor applications.

The range of ROTRONIC CO2 measuring equipment includes a comprehensive choice of transmitters, handheld instruments, data loggers and a display panel. They are all perfectly suited for monitoring and controlling indoor air quality.

Best sellers for CO2 measurement:

  1. CP11 - Handheld Instrument for CO2, Humidity and Temperature

    CP11 - Handheld Instrument for CO2, Humidity and Temperature

    CO2 measuring device for portable Indoor Air Monitoring. Learn More
  2. CO2 Display - EN

    CO2 Display

    Display for monitoring of indoor air quality Learn More
  3. CF1 - Type R
  4. CF3-D / -Disp - CO2 transmitter

    CF3-D / -Disp - CO2 transmitter

    Duct mount design for insertion into ducts and vents. Learn More
  5. CF5-W / -Disp - CO2 transmitter

    CF5-W / -Disp - CO2 transmitter

    Installed in the environment to be monitored Learn More
  6. CF8-W-Disp-GH - CO2 transmitter

    CF8-W-Disp-GH - CO2 transmitter

    Model GH (Greenhouse) is equipped with an extra dust and water filter and is suitable for adverse ambient conditions. Learn More