Data centers must be maintained to specific environmental conditions to ensure the performance and longevity of the hardware installed.

As standard, temperature must be 18-27 °C, dew point 5-15 °Cdp and humidity no higher than 60 %RH. This ensures the hardware is at a suitable temperature, condensation is avoided and the chance of static build up is reduced (caused by low humidity).

To ensure an optimum climate in data centers, instruments are used to measure and monitor relative humidity, temperature, differential pressure and low dew point.

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  1. HygroFlex5 - HF5 - 暖通空调HVAC 变送器

    测量相对湿度和温度和其它所有湿度学参数计算值。适用于暖风空调、工业处理和制药行业。 更多信息