Sample archives / Repositories

Sample archives or repositories are managed locations for the storage of various material samples or, for example, seed for research or for safekeeping for the future. The valuable samples are often stored over a very long period of time and therefore need absolutely stable climatic conditions.

The measurement and monitoring of parameters such as relative humidity, temperature, low dew point, differential pressure and ‒ depending on the application ‒ also water activity is therefore essential. The ideal solution for such tasks is a continuous monitoring system that stores relevant measured values centrally for archives and repositories and triggers alarms immediately when limits are exceeded.

Important Parameters




Recommended products

  1. HygroFlex5 - HF5 - 暖通空调HVAC 变送器

    测量相对湿度和温度和其它所有湿度学参数计算值。适用于暖风空调、工业处理和制药行业。 Learn More
  2. HygroLog - HL-NT3-D - 高端记录器

    HygroLog HL-NT3高端温湿度记录器能外接两个探头,其他探头可以通过底座连接 。 Learn More
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