Construction Materials

Many materials are sensitive to humidity and/or temperature. In changed climatic conditions, they can change their properties such as consistency, color or structure, thereby influencing their characteristics for further processing. It is therefore important that ideal environmental conditions prevail in the production, storage or processing of such products, e.g. paints, rubber, plastics, leather, fabrics and paper.

To this end, instruments are used to monitor relative air humidity, temperature or dew point.



The use of water-based paints requires precise control of the environment in which they are applied.


Rubber has a tendency to reach humidity equilibrium with its environment.


If there is too much moisture or humidity in plastic granules prior to injection molding, this can result in porous surfaces and other imperfections.

Leather & Textiles

The monitoring and control of prescribed humidity and temperature conditions during the production process are essential to maintain product quality and minimize downtimes.


Paper and paper-based products such as cardboard are highly sensitive to humidity and moisture levels.


Important Parameters





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