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The monitoring and control of prescribed humidity and temperature conditions during the production process are essential to maintain product quality and minimize downtimes.

Rotronic instruments offer the accuracy required to meet these criteria.

Important parameters




Recommended products

  1. HC2A-S - 湿度探头

    HC2A-S / HC2A-S3 是ROTRONIC 最经典的多用途探头,也是我司众多产品的关键部件. 它测量温度和湿度,并计算露点/霜点 Learn More
  2. HygroFlex5 - HF5 - 暖通空调HVAC 变送器

    测量相对湿度和温度和其它所有湿度学参数计算值。适用于暖风空调、工业处理和制药行业。 Learn More

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