Ansprechpartner Measurement Solutions

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Grindelstrasse 6
CH-8303 Bassersdorf

+41 44 838 11 11
+41 44 838 14 87

Ansprechpartner Measurement Solutions

  1. Marcel Jenny

    Key Account Manager Nord und Ost

    AG, AI, AR, BL, BS, GL, GR, LU (exkl. 61xx, 62xx), NW, OW, SG, SH, SZ, TG, UR, ZG, ZH

  2. Marcel Rohrbach

    Key Account Manager West

    BE, FR, GE, JU, LU (61xx, 62xx), NE, SO, VD, VS

  3. Giorgio Grandi

    Key Account Manager Tessin
  4. Raphael von Bergen

    Head of SCS Laboratory
  5. Romano Berni

    Head of After Sales Service
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