Traceable User Calibration

ROTRONIC can supply everything you need for self calibrating your humidity measurement products.

SCS Humidity Standards

ROTRONIC humidity standards are supplied in practical packs of 5 sealed ampoules per humidity level. Each ampoule is marked with its humidity value and a serial number. Each set is supplied with an SCS certificate. Ampoules are available from 0.2 %rh to 95.0 %rh (0.2, 5, 10, 11.3, 20, 35, 50, 60, 65, 75.3, 80, 95 %rh).

ILAC mutual recognition agreement mean that SCS and UKAS accreditation are accepted worlwide.

Catalogue pages as PDF file (300 KB)

Calibration Devices

ROTRONIC calibration devices are small, airtight chambers which fit exactly onto probes. The lower part consists of a screw-on cover for the humidity standards and a textile pad (supplied with the calibration standards). The humidity value specified on the ampoule is reached in the device following a equilibrium period of approximately 60 minutes.

Catalogue pages as PDF file (300 KB)
Calibration Instructions (PDF, 40 kB) (41 KB)

Portable ROTRONIC Humidity Generator

HygroGen2 is a transportable portable humidity generator which can be used without problems on site, i.e. directly on installed measurement instruments of any type. All it needs is a mains power connection and deionised water. The desired humidity and temperature value is controlled internally to better than 0.1°C/%rh.

Catalogue pages as PDF file (300 KB)